Leadership for Learning Academy

The Leadership for Learning Academy is developed in partnership with OCSOA, OPSOA and AGEFO and is intended to provide Ontario Directors and Superintendents with an opportunity to engage in an inquiry based professional learning experience that focus' on system - wide innovation and technology enabled practice.

Following from the Ministries vision and priority in these areas, the Academy explores the role of leadership, pedagogy and technology in creating the conditions necessary to develop and sustain a culture of professional engagement and pedagogical innovation.


Using the framework of collaborative inquiry, participants will be asked to identify an area of priority that is personally and professionally relevant to the context in which they work, to collect data that informs the justification of exploration in that area of inquiry, and to develop a theory of action that they will implement in order to achieve growth in that area.

To facilitate this, the academy provides an opportunity for participants to develop cross district relationships that facilitate the sharing of professional resources, to explore pedagogical frameworks that inform engagement and achievement at the school and district level, and to utilize tools that facilitate the collection and visualization of data that can demonstrate compelling evidence of success and inform system level direction.

Upon completion of the Academy, Directors and Superintendents will share a theoretical and practical understanding of the ways to activate system level leadership in order to:

  1. Identify, advocate and celebrate instructional practices that are supported by information and communication technologies (ICT)
  2. Establish, communicate and execute a clear vision that leverages professional and financial capital to ensure the success of all learners.
  3. Create a culture of innovation that builds expertise and sustainable capacity through collaborative inquiry and professional learning.
  4. Facilitate the collection and visualization of data to inform progress and measure success of system wide priorities.
  5. Ensure alignment of IT infrastructure and resources are in support of district learning and teaching priorities.

The objectives for the Leadership for Learning Academy will be explored over the course of three modules that follow an emergent curriculum model. Facilitation of each module will be guided by the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and take place in an active, flexible learning environment that enables advanced collaborative discourse and participant engagement. Each module is accompanied by an online block, which provides participants with an opportunity to work with a team of their colleagues on a problem of practice and to continue their collaborative discourse in an online environment.

For those participating in the Academy an internal site has been created to support asynchronous communication. To access this site please select your cohort below:

Please note that access to each cohort is restricted. A password will be provided by the facilitators. If you are enrolled in a cohort but do not have the password please visit: http://l4lacademy.ca/contact-2/