CODE Special Education Leadership Project

The CODE Special Education Leadership Project provides provincial, regional and district leadership to support the transformation of special education programs and services.

Active and past projects are listed below. Each listing provides a short introduction and a link to the project. The first listing is a web brochure that describes our scope and services.

CODE Special Education Leadership Project Web Brochure

"We'd like to be your trusted source for educational development."

We understand that Districts have diverse needs with both short and long term goals and objectives.

Since 2005, the CODE Special Education Leadership Project has provided provincial, regional and district leadership in transforming special education programs and services.

We invite you to review our web brochure for more specifics on our experience and how we put that to work providing services that exceed your needs and expectations.

Web Brochure

Essential for Some, Good for All

Leading for All: a research report of the development, design, implementation and impact of Ontario's "Essential for Some, Good for All" initiative was prepared by Andy Hargreaves, Henry Braun and a research team from Boston College. Ten Ontario school boards and the CODE Special Education Leadership team partnered with Boston College in the preparation of this research report.

Download the Executive Summary or the full Report in PDF format.

CODE Chronicles

We are pleased to share with you our on line edition of "CODE Chronicles"!

"CODE Chronicles" enables you to read about and share responses to the ongoing stories of our collective success in improving conditions for learning for students with special needs throughout Ontario.

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JK–Grade 1 Assessment and Intervention Project

The CODE JK–Grade 1 Assessment and Intervention Project was funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education and started in September 2009. The goals of the project were to identify and implement effective evidence-informed assessment and intervention strategies for all students in JK–Grade 1; build teacher/school capacity; share strategies through leadership networks; and develop a monitoring tool to support boards in implementing effective JK–Grade 1 assessment and intervention strategies.

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Stratégies d'évaluation et d'intervention de maternelle –1re année

Ce projet d'évaluation et d'intervention maternelle – 1re année a vu le jour en septembre 2009. Il avait pour but de découvrir et de mettre en œuvre des stratégies d'évaluation et d'intervention fondées sur des données probantes pour tous les élèves de la maternelle à la première année, de renforcer les capacités du personnel enseignant et des écoles, de partager ces stratégies par le biais des réseaux de leaders et de créer un outil de monitorage en vue d'appuyer les conseils scolaires dans la mise en œuvre de stratégies d'évaluation et d'intervention efficaces auprès des élèves de la maternelle à la première année.

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CODE Special Education Project 2005-2006
Executive Summary

This report is a comprehensive look at a very large initiative in assisting improvement in student achievement. CODE appreciates the efforts of all who have been involved in this initiative and applauds the Ontario Ministry of Education for funding this very worthwhile project.
The outcomes are positive; the work is on-going.

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Projet d'éducation de l'enfance en difficulté du CODE 2005 - 2006

Ce rapport est un aperçu d'ordre général d'un très grand projet visant l'amélioration des résultats des élèves.
Le CODE apprécie les efforts de tous les intervenants et félicite le ministère de l'Education d'avoir appuyé financièrement ce projet d'envergure.
Les résultats sont positifs; le travail se poursuit.

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CODE Special Education Project 2006-2007 - Summary of Projects

Please note the summary of the CODE Special Education Projects completed in 2006-2007.
These charts provide a brief description of each project and identify contacts.
You will find this a useful reference in your planning.

06-07 Special Ed. Projects 1 (MS Word format). (English)

06-07 Special Ed. Projects 2 (MS Excel format). (English)

CODE Advisories

As part of its mandate to provide support to its members, CODE has developed the CODE Advisories; a series of twenty-two helpful monographs on issues vital to Directors of Education. Two of the Advisories were developed within the CODE Special Education Leadership Project.

Special Education (Advisory #4). (English PDF)

Éducation de l’enfance en difficulte (Advisory #4). (French PDF)

School-Based Mental Health and Well-Being (Advisory #16). (English PDF)