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JKGrade 1 Assessment and Intervention Project

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The CODE Monitoring Framework

System Process/Organization

System Process/Organization

Is aligned with Ministry goals, Board Improvement Plans, Education for All, Learning For All, the School Effectiveness Framework and the Best Start Expert Panel on Early Learning report

Reflects the lessons learned during the CODE Special Education Project

Is adaptable to district contexts and strategic plans

Describes clear processes for a JK entry plan

Describes a continuous cycle of effective evidence-informed assessment, intervention and reassessment strategies

Identifies the need for district policies and procedures to support JK1 assessment and intervention strategies

Describes the involvement of appropriate district support personnel and community resources

Includes interventions, modifications and/or accommodations as required to promote individual student learning

In what ways do the assessment and instructional intervention practices build on evidence-informed research?

What are the learning needs/target group for each strategy (i.e., all students, some students, a few students)?

Who undertakes this assessment and instructional intervention (i.e., classroom teacher, special education teacher, other)?

How are the assessment and intervention strategies aligned with Ministry and CODE Project goals and findings?

How do you promote consistent assessment and instructional intervention practices across the district?

System process/organization includes:

TIP: Focus on student, parent, and system outcomes.

Use this column in the PDF copy of this framework to develop your own examples of evidence.

STATUS: With respect to the criteria for professional learning and capacity building, at what stage of the continuum is your region/board/school? (Choose one)

       Pre-Implementation           Implementation           Building Capacity           Sustaining Capacity

What would be required to move towards the "Sustaining Capacity" stage? (Please describe)

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