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The CODE Monitoring Framework

Professional Learning and Capacity Building

Professional Learning and Capacity Building

Supports classroom teachers, special education resource staff and other support staff in collaborating to develop and evaluate common assessment tools and practices to ensure consistency of standards across grade levels

Supports building of trusting relationships, sharing of effective practices and networking at the school, district and provincial levels

Develops increased precision and focused effort on the learning needs of individual students

Promotes job-embedded learning for teachers in order to determine which interventions are the most effective responses to needs

Supports ongoing dialogue and reflection about the effectiveness of student assessment tools and strategies at the district and school levels

How do you build teacher capacity:

  • to identify student needs?
  • to know what strategies to use to address student needs?
  • to know which instructional intervention will support a particular need?

How does the use of each strategy contribute to teacher knowledge and professionalism?

How are networks established and supported at the school, district and regional levels?

How do you address individual needs within the context of the class?

How does the class profile support individual learning needs?

How does a teacher recognize how to move a student along?

How do you capture changes in teacher knowledge and practice?

Professional learning and capacity building includes:

TIP: Focus on student, parent, and system outcomes.

Use this column in the PDF copy of this framework to develop your own examples of evidence.

STATUS: With respect to the criteria for professional learning and capacity building, at what stage of the continuum is your region/board/school? (Choose one)

       Pre-Implementation           Implementation           Building Capacity           Sustaining Capacity

What would be required to move towards the "Sustaining Capacity" stage? (Please describe)

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