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JKGrade 1 Assessment and Intervention Project

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The CODE Monitoring Framework

Instructional Leadership

Instructional Leadership

Reflects awareness of current research that affects early childhood learning

Synthesizes highly effective JK1 assessment and intervention strategies

Supports collaborative instructional leadership at the district and school level

Identifies strategies to transfer and translate knowledge to local contexts

Describes interventions that are:

  • based on current data;
  • age-appropriate and engaging;
  • offered daily ; and
  • collaboratively designed and monitored as to their effectiveness.

What are the guiding principles that your assessment cycle is based on?

What evidence and information is used at the class, school, district, and community levels to plan instruction?

How do you identify specific learning needs?

What do you think is important in getting to know the Early Years child?

What should be included in a JKGrade 1 student profile?

In what specific ways do you support the learning of JKGrade 1 students who require additional time and/or support?

For students who require additional support what precise and intensive assessments and interventions are planned?

Does your assessment cycle process contribute to improved student/system outcomes?

Instructional leadership includes:

TIP: Focus on student, parent, and system outcomes.

Use this column in the PDF copy of this framework to develop your own examples of evidence.

STATUS: With respect to the criteria for instructional leadership, at what stage of the continuum is your region/board/school? (Choose one)

       Pre-Implementation           Implementation           Building Capacity           Sustaining Capacity

What would be required to move towards the "Sustaining Capacity" stage? (Please describe)

Would you like to print a working copy of the Monitoring Framework? Download the PDF file.