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The CODE Monitoring Framework

Parent Engagement and Community Collaboration

Parent Engagement and Community Collaboration

Recognizes the need to involve parents/families

Ensures that parents are made aware of student progress in a timely manner

Describes how parents/families are involved in facilitating communication with partner agencies

Supports parental involvement in an effective school entry process

Describes effective collaboration strategies with early childhood educators and other community partnerss

How are school staff, families and community members involved in knowing the student through a school entry process; development of the student profile, goal setting, and a continuous cycle of assessment and instructional intervention?

How do you promote effective use of data from regulated health professionals and/or external agencies (i.e., physio¬therapy, speech and language, hearing, behavioural data)?

Is your assessment cycle process known by parents and community agencies?

How does your assessment cycle process lead to increased parent satisfaction and improved collaboration with community agencies? How do you know?

Parent engagement and community collaboration are:

Where communication is:

TIP: Focus on student, parent, and system outcomes.

Use this column in the PDF copy of this framework to develop your own examples of evidence.

STATUS: With respect to the criteria for assessment and use of data, at what stage of the continuum is your region/board/school? (Choose one)

       Pre-Implementation           Implementation           Building Capacity           Sustaining Capacity

What would be required to move towards the "Sustaining Capacity" stage? (Please describe)

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