Connections for Students is centred on multidisciplinary, student-specific and school based transition teams that are established approximately six months before a child prepares to leave intensive behavioural intervention (IBI) services delivered through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) Autism Intervention Program (AIP) and starts or continues in publicly funded school. The transition team continues to support the student for at least six months after leaving the AIP and entering or continuing in school.


  • For: Parents of students with ASD
  • Contains:
  • Information and resources on the
  • Connections for Students
  • process and model
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  • For: Provincial Advisory Team
  • Contains:
  • Lessons Learned
  • and Effective Practices
  • for Implementing the CS Model
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  • For: Parents and Educators
  • Contains:
  • Additional Resources
  • to support
  • children and youth with ASD
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  • For: Administrators
  • and Transition Teams
  • Contains:
  • Implementation
  • tools and strategies
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