Urban Aboriginal Pilot Project

Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation

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Read the research and evaluation reports from the three pilot sites to learn how each site developed an individualized approach to the project focussed on the unique circumstances of each board.  Each of the sites selected an independent research team to conduct interim and final evaluations of the project. Local research teams worked in partnership with the provincial evaluator and provincial research sub-committee to create a provincial evaluation outline. Based on the findings of the local evaluators, and in-person interviews with local project teams, the provincial evaluator developed samples of 3 different models for urban centres. 

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Lakehead DSB

UAEP Research Study - Strengths and Goals 09
UAEP Final Report Review and Research Study

Simcoe County DSB

Spontaneous Laughter and Good Marks_January 2009
The Schools Speak_October 2009
From Faint Spark to Glowing Fire_ May 2010
Opening Many Doors_September 2010

Toronto DSB

Talking Stick Project Report_September 2009
Decolonizing Our Schools_September 2010

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