Strengthening Partnerships Between:
Council of Ontario Directors of Education and Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health

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The purpose of the CODE/COMOH collaborative is to contribute to the well-being of Ontario’s students through: informing public policy at the provincial level; enhancing local public health agency and school board partnerships; optimizing the delivery of mandated programs; and providing strategic support to innovative efforts of others whose goal is the well-being of Ontario’s students.

CODE/COMOH is currently meeting twice a month.

CODE members on CODE/COMOH include:

Lesleigh Dye (Co-Chair)    Director of Education: District School Board Ontario North East
Marc Gauthier    Director of Education: CSP du Grand Nord de l’Ontario
Derek Haime Director of Education: Kenora Catholic District School Board
Joseph Picard   Director of Education: CSC Providence
Stephen Sliwa Director of Education: Upper Canada District School Board